ABT | 30 or 45 mins | Targets all abdominal, buttock & thigh muscles.

AQUA | 45 mins | Water based class which focuses on cardio interval training, whole body toning & core strength.

BOXING FIT (Beginner/Advanced) | 45 mins | A fun, intense workout for cardio, core strength & weight control.  Basic fitness boxing techniques/combinations.  Core exercises, body weight movements & conditioning drills.

FITBALL | 30 mins | A great class that challenges balance & co-ordination.  Targets all muscle groups & core.

CIRCUIT TRAINING | CT | 45 mins | CT combining strength, body weight & conditioning exercises completed in succession, with minimal recovery.  Targeting complete all-over strength, fitness & weight control.

HIIT | HIGH INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING | 30 or 45 mins | Be ready for a really hard workout.  HIIT combines short periods of high intensity work with short recovery.  Using light weights, body weight & conditioning drills.  Great for overall fitness, toning & weight control.

PILATES | 30 or 45 mins | A unique method of body conditioning promoting body awareness.  Integrating breathing and muscle control, flexibility and strength training.

POWER PUMP | 45 mins | A full body strength class that utilizes barbells to perform high energy resistance exercises & workouts.

SPIN FIT | 45 mins | A fantastic cycle class that provides cardio challenge for all ages & fitness levels.

STRETCH FOR LIFE | 30 or 45 mins | A class designed to help you stretch your muscles, improve your range of motion, increase circulation & calm your mind.

TRX | 45 mins | A revolutionary total body fitness program, using gravity against body weight to simultaneously develop strength, balance, flexibility & core strength.

ZUMBA | DANCE FUSION | 45 mins | Feel the beat and dance along in this fun and highly effective workout.  Anyone can join the party!