Stuart & Trish Kenealy

Ban Meata, thailand

Stuart and Trish Kenealy are based in the middle of Thailand serving with Mercy International at Ban Meata, Lomsak-Phetchabun.

While teaching at the Meata Chanupatham Christian School, Stuartis teaching years 10 – 12 English conversation classes and working to set up a Skills Training Centre to service the school as well as to reach out to the community.  He is also helping with the older teen boys’ program at Ban Meata.

Trish is teaching Kindergarten music and English plus English classes to grades 1 – 3, and the older teen girls’ program at Ban Meata. 

They are both involved in upskilling the teachers by helping to run English classes after school two days a week.

There are about 100 children and teens in the Ban Meata Children’s Home who come from orphaned or disadvantaged homes.

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