Through Life Groups we want to bring hope, health and wholeness to people in community.  

One of the ways we do that locally is by creating opportunity for life giving community, connecting with each other around the principles and person of Jesus Christ.

Fullness of life is never found in a void.  We are designed to do life together, to learn from each other, to support one another, to encourage and build one another up.  Some groups eat together, some play, some study, some pray, some do it all. They are all different but they are all about the same thing, the intersection of truth and life!


We believe that we, as people, are better together.  Joining an interest group is an easy way to do something with other people.  At Goodlife, we have a number of groups available.  Art, cycling, classic movies, foodies, surfing, mountain climbing ... these are just a handful of the many groups available to join.  Click on the link below to see the full list or to sign up to be part of the fun!

community dinners

Sign ups for this round of community dinners is now closed.  If you still want to participate, please contact us directly.