GOODLIFE Renovations

Grand Re-Opening2.jpg


The Goodlife Community Centre was developed to be the hub of a life giving community offering hope, health and wholeness to people. The centre's facilities will continue to be developed and used in such a way that allows people access to activities and events that build community in all areas of life and across all age groups.

Our new expanded facilities will provide recreational, sporting and educational activities for people of all ages.  The new aquatic development will provide for individuals and teams to train in an excellent facility and environment.  As well as creating a space for families and groups to gather for fun and recreation.

It has been a long time coming and we are SO very excited to invite you all to visit Goodlife Community Centre to have some fun and see all that we have available.

If you want to join in the skate and scooter competition be sure to arrive before 12pm so you can register.  The Cafe will be open with coffee, cakes and hot chips for sale.