Dan & Renuka Brooker

Sihanoukville, cambodia

Dan and Renuka Brooker are the Field Directors of Milk and Honey in Sihanoukville, on Cambodia’s southern coast. They established the School and Training Centre in 2010. They love seeing students reach their potential, not just with learning English, but finding hope and purpose for the future. 

They are also proud parents of their first child Benjamin, born in June 2015. You can learn more about their story by watching the one hour documentary ‘Missions in the Wilderness’ which can be viewed on: www.milkandhoney.asia

Their mandate is social entrepreneurship: creating sustainable progress in the community, offering hope and opportunity.

Their vision is to share the gospel through meaningful relationships, train local disciples to evangelise, and empower Cambodians to address social issues such as poverty and corruption.

For more information about what they are up to, visiT: www.milkandhoney.asia