Please note if you are viewing the timetable on your phone you will need to refresh the page to ensure you are viewing the current timetable not one saved in cache memory of your phone. We have some minor changes starting on Monday 14 January 2019 so both timetables are available below.


ABT* | 30 or 45 mins | Targets all abdominal, buttock & thigh muscles.

AQUA *| 45 mins | Water based class which focuses on cardio interval training, whole body toning & core strength.  Please note Aqua class numbers are limited and it is best to arrive 20min prior to secure your booking. Indoor classes are held undercover in indoor pool heated to approx. 31 degrees, outdoor classes are in the new 25m pool heated to approx. 27 degrees.  See pools page for further information on pools.

BARRE FUSION* | 1 Hour | A dynamic fusion of Ballet, Pilates and Fitness, aimed at improving flexibility, developing strong posture and building strong, lean legs and arms. 

BOXING FIT | 45 mins | A fun, intense workout for cardio, core strength & weight control.  Basic fitness boxing techniques/combinations.  Core exercises, body weight movements & conditioning drills.

CARDIO & CORE | 30 mins | A challenging class focussing on boosting your cardio capacity and strengthening your core.  Take yourself to the next level.

CIRCUIT TRAINING | CT | 45 mins | CT combining strength, body weight & conditioning exercises completed in succession, with minimal recovery.  Targeting complete all-over strength, fitness & weight control.

DEEP WATER AQUA | 45 mins | A deep water conditioning class with a focus on developing full body strength, mobility and cardiovascular endurance.  Be ready for a hard work out!  Water based class which focuses on cardio interval training, whole body toning and core strength. 

FITBALL* | 30 mins | A great class that challenges balance & co-ordination.  Targets all muscle groups & core.

HIIT | HIGH INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING | 30 or 45 mins | Be ready for a really hard workout.  HIIT combines short periods of high intensity work with short recovery.  Using light weights, body weight & conditioning drills.  Great for overall fitness, toning & weight control.

PILATES | 30 or 45 mins | A unique method of body conditioning promoting body awareness.  Integrating breathing and muscle control, flexibility and strength training.

POWER PUMP | 45 mins | A full body strength class that utilizes barbells to perform high energy resistance exercises & workouts.

SPIN FIT | 45 mins | A fantastic cycle class that provides cardio challenge for all ages & fitness levels.

STEP FUSION | 45 mins | A high energy combination strength and cardio class designed to tone your lower body.

STRETCH | 30 or 45 mins | A class designed to help you stretch your muscles, improve your range of motion, increase circulation & calm your mind.

TRX | 45 mins | A revolutionary total body fitness program, using gravity against body weight to simultaneously develop strength, balance, flexibility & core strength.

ZUMBA | DANCE FUSION | 45 mins | Feel the beat and dance along in this fun and highly effective workout.  Anyone can join the party!

* Class numbers limited                           

Please click link below for a printable version of the class timetable.

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