Get to know Goodlife gym with answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Does my gym membership include Aqua classes?


Do I need to sign in for any classes?

The only class you need to sign in for is Aqua 30 minutes before the class, please note you can not book in advance for this class.

Do I need to book in for any classes?

Yes, the only class you are able to book in for, Barre class requires you to sign up in 6-week blocks.

Are any of the classes capped?

Yes, Aqua both indoor and outdoor, Deep-water Aqua. Barre Fusion, Circuit training, Pilates, Spin, Stretch, TRX

Do I need to sign in for any classes?

The only class you need to sign in for is Aqua 30 minutes before the class, please note you can not book in advance for this class.

What is a class pass?

A class pass is a pass that you hand to a trainer at the start of your class, so they know you have a membership or alternatively you have paid for a casual visit. Please pick one up from reception after you have scanned in.

Do I need a special pass for the classes that are capped?

Yes, please take note when you are arriving to a class that is capped a special container LABELLED with the class will be on the front counter, grab a pass that is relevant to the class you are taking. For all other classes take a general pass that is not labelled.

What time does the gym open and close?

5.30am-8.00pm Monday - Thursday, we close at 7.00pm on Friday and are open 7.00am to 12 midday on Saturdays.

Do you have lockers in the gym?

We have open pigeon holes, it is best to keep valuables at home.

If I am new to the gym what classes should I go to?

Trainers ensure all classes are suitable for various levels, they may give you options otherwise you are welcome to go at your own pace.

How do I get an assessmet and/or gym program?

Assessments are included in our six and twelve month memberships, however if you are on a one month membership you are welcome to book an appointment with a trainer for a personal training session and they can personalise a program for you. We seek to have the gym floor staffed at all times so if in doubt please ask one of our friendly trainers for help, they are there to help you.

Do you have showers/change facilities?

We have beautiful renovated facilities that include heated showers and toilets for ladies and men.

Does my one month membership have a senior or student discount?

No, the 10% discount is only available on our six and twelve month memberships.

Do I need to get on the floor in Stretch/Pilates classes?

Yes, these are floor based exercise classes. Goodlife supplies yoga mats for these classes but it is best to bring a towel to cover the mat.

Do I need to bring anything with me to the gym/classes?

Please bring a towel and water. All equipment is provided.

Where are the classes held?

The majority of classes are held upstairs in the function room including: ABT, Boxing Fit, Dance Fusion, Pilates, Power Pump, Step Fusion Stretch and Zumba. Classes located in the gym include Spin, TRX, Barre and some Circuit classes. Circuit classes are also held in the stadium. Aqua classes are held in both the indoor pool and the outdoor pool. Please refer to the class timetable where the location of every class is listed.


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