Jeremy & Bridget Hilliard

WITH Cayden, Ashton & tristan

The Hilliard family work in South Africa amoungst millions of people struggling to survive in impoverished townships or shanty towns.  Their focus is to enable the poor and marginalised to discover their full potential by empowering them through four primary impact areas including Education, Economic Development, Life Development and Spiritual Formation.  To facilitate this they launched a non-profit a number of years ago called Hope Africa Collective.

They work holistically to bring about individual development that can lead to family and community transformation. They are dedicated to working with Africa's most vulnerable people, applying Christian principles to strategic development efforts as they seek to overcome poverty, suffering and injustice with children, families and communities.

If you would like more information on the Hilliard's please email them using the form below or go to www.HOPEAFRICA.COM.AU

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