Caleb Ware & Peter Siggs


Media is the language of our generation.  Jesus is doing incredible work all over the globe, and it is Scruffhouse's desire to capture these stories and present them authentically to a world hungry for truth.

Over the past few years Caleb Ware and Peter Siggs (Scruffhouse) have been devoted to capturing stories that encourage the church and communicate the Gospel to their generation.  They have predominantly been working with 'Steiger International' over this time, producing a wide range of content to support the ministry in spreading the gospel all over the world.  Scruffhouse has become an official partner of Steiger International, which is focused on bringing Jesus to the global youth culture through the arts.  This year they continue to work under Steiger to serve them and are expanding to work with other Christian organisations.  This new world of digital missions is crucial in connecting with the youth of today.

If you would like more information on Scruffhouse, please check out the website or email the address below.

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