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Andrew & Grethe Stanley

Andrew & Grethe lived in Eastern Europe from 2004 to 2012 for the purpose of bringing reconciliation between the Christian Pastors and Leaders of the States of former Yugoslavia.  In 2006 they organised a reconciliation gathering and saw some powerful things happen.

This event started a new chapter in the lives of local Evangelical Christians.  Before they left Australia, Grethe felt in her heart that she might start a conference for women.  In 2004 when they arrived, there was nothing in the churches of any of the states of former Yugoslavia for women.  Women were very oppressed.  Two years after arriving Grethe organised the first "Daughters of the King" (DOK) conference.  This became an annual event.  Three years after starting DOK; Andrew, with the help of a team of young pastors started a conference for men, called "My Brothers Keeper".  These two yearly events have begun a whole new movement of men and women of God who know who they are and what they are called to do.

At the 10th DOK Conference the young pastors from My Brothers Keeper came and apologised on behalf of the men, to the women for the way they had treated them for centuries.  This act of humility has given dignity back to the women and started a new era of men and women walking as equals.  DOK has grown into not only the main conference, but also to have regional mini DOK'S in Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Croatia.  In 2018 Grethe has been asked to start DOK in Bulgaria and in Myanmar. 


please keep them in your prayers.  for more information about what they are up to, email them using the form or go to www.daughtersofhope.com.au or www.kraljevekceri.com

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